Saturday, March 1, 2014

Classic music in Philadelphia

Philadelphia can offer you a lot of possibilities and ideas to spend a Saturday night. Too old to go to disco, still too young to sit at home, we like to have dinners at good restaurants, watch new "oscar" movies or go for night snowboarding at Blue Mountain. Anyways, this time we
decided to grow for something cultural and so we went to Kimmel Center. Advised by professionals (because of course we have no clue) we chose famous canadian conductor Yannick (who holds leadership post already for several seasons in Philadelphia Orchestra) and concert "Eroica". In program there was music from Beethoven, Strauss and Shostakovich. After having being in the philharmonic autidorium we understood why we've never been there before: we were surrounded by people who were much older than our parents. Though, the concert was amazing. All these violins, i couldn't guess where the sound comes from exactly.But each movement of hands on the stage was brightening the silence, joing all together with other sounds and finally borning the melody that feelingly was touching all of myself from inside.
Anyway, it would be even so much better if we could have also attended the 1st half of the concert instead of being late changing a flat tire in a black-tie suit and a cocktail dress because of a stupid pad holes.
P.S. in case, if you also want to be touched by classic music, check scheduale here