Sunday, March 16, 2014

When eating out becomes a treasure hunt

There are plenty of them: Yelp, Tripadvisor, Urbanspoon, Zagat,, and many more. You might have definitely looked up your latest ideas for a romantic dinner through one of the best known apps and websites which provide food-related reviews.You might have tried some top-rated pubs or restaurants but still, once you try them yourself your point of view is slightly or thoroughly different from Yelp reviews.Why???

You are different! And I mean it in the very best sense of a word. Till now you have been living different life style,you were surrounded by different tastes,smells and colors. Only a person who lived or was born in Brasil,Russia,Slovakia or Italy can tell you whether a certain dish is authentic or if in that restaurant you can feel like in one of the exotic countries.
In this section we want to create our own Expat wives reviews and share them with you. Not only that though!You will become an important reviewer,too. Leave your opinion here and rate one the places you tried in Philly and is worth going to. Share your experience with us so that other wives can rely on your judgement and won't feel lost in the middle of an ocean of rating websites.

This week: where to go for a good authentic pizza (Alex's rating):
1. Di Meo's I would rate this pizza as the best I've had till now. You can see the Neapolitan tradition of Di Meo's family reflected in the authentic wood-fired made pizzas. The atmosphere reminded me a traditional Italian pizzeria with all its simplicity and of course, an open-style kitchen with a brick oven. This place is not in the center Philadelphia and it's BYOB.
2. Nomad another very good pizzeria, good wine selection. The minus is a few seats and the fact it closes at 9 on Sundays (the best day for having a pizza with friends).
3. Stella nice and spacious with a wood-fired oven you can admire while enjoying your pizza. They have some not Italian combinations of ingredients, although very good (try a pistacchio pizza!). You can also have a bottle of Italian beer and good coffee at the end. Perfect when you are in a big company, you can have a large table here.
4. Zavino pizza with meatball is the best. The place is very small and it's not suitable for big groups of people, what's even worse, you can't even make a reservation. It's worth trying it and even wait some time because the pizza is very delicious. They also have a nice selection of cheese and hams and various kinds of pasta.

It's your turn: tell us what you think and rate your favorite places!