Sunday, March 9, 2014

How to get things working when you can't work

Many of us don't have work permit, or intention to get back to work. But even when staying at home is a well thought decision, it is important to be busy somehow. It prevents depression, which in some level is already common among expats.

For certain wives, being busy with the kids is enough. For others, having the time to nourish mind and body would be a perfect picture. Either way, I believe having what to do and more to talk about will at least get you a better adjustment to the change - not to mention making you more appelling to your (own) eyes, and everybody else's therefore. So let's get busy, here is how:

1. Take small classes. Online or presential. Any & as much subjects you may be interested on (decor, painting, languages, tennis, music, makeup tutorial..). If you are thinking of higher education, then get informed about visa regulations - contact the school international advisor as for orientation, or the USCIS directly.

2. Workout. It releases stress, and will get you a chance to meet people - either by running at the park or going to the gym.

3. Learn your way around. Don't be afraid to get lost in Philly, downtown is pretty organized. Get a map or download a city guide app as for walking tours (Philly Tour, Philadelphia Pass, or Philadelphia Official Visitors Guide work all pretty well). If you are scared for whatever reason, explore your area first (is always nice to find a handy dry cleaner, or cozy restaurant for lazy Sundays).

4. Because organizing the house and billings may be on your shoulders, take the responsibility to a whole different level! How about making a reform, going decor hunting (that includes finding yard sales and flea markets around), or making a spreadsheet that organizes your home spending and gives you opportunity to start planning a weekend getaway?

5. Attend charity events. Volunteer work requires a permit, as any job (what if ppl without permit volunteer for a single event? I think that sounds like a great way to get busy, just not sure if legally possible. Does anyone know and would like to share in? If no responses, I will look that up and mention in a future post)

6. Cooking therapy!! Try to learn typical dishes, you may find yourself enjoying to learn more about the local culture.

7. Here is my favorite word of advice for expat wives... Serendipity! Try to keep your walls down in order to let unexpected surprises find your way.

Be well! Peace out!