Sunday, March 23, 2014

City Escape

If you are tired of spending your time in usual places and hanging out in the city, why don't you push yourself more distant? For folks who love winter sports as I do,
the season is unfortunately almost over. This winter has been so long so you might still have some nice powder to enjoy, but on the other hand, spring should be here any moment. And the same places that can attract you with fresh snow and abundance of trails can also provide you something else. Very very soon we will be able to go hiking and camping. A nice area we were last year is Locust Lake State Park.We will keep exploring this year and I hope to write later more reviews. In the meantime, at the very same Poconos, for example at Blue Mountain, I'm pretty sure you will be able to find activities you'll like: hiking, mountain biking, disc golf, adventure camping, laser tag, etc.
If you are not satisfied to wait a lot till warm weather comes, why don't you enjoy Spa resorts for the weekend? It can be pricey, but totally worth it. Here are good ones: French Manor, Lodge at Woodloch, Cove Haven Entertainment Resort.They have everything to relax your body and soul. Starting from the fact that they are far from the city, so you can be alone with your half (or with your gals if your husband can't stand massages) without any street noise and with fresh air. Enjoy fireplace in the room, if its in your room amenities; spend hours in spa and pool without hurrying anywhere; take a hot tub, etc. Also, you can have a nice dinner in authentic american little restaurant in the resort or in a little village in the mountains. And when you make reservation, don't forget to make an appointment for massage!! These places are not that crowded, so masseur can be simply not there when you show up. Besides all of what's been provided by the resort (they can provide a bottle of alcohol, fruit/cheese plate) prepare for your getaway yourself. Buy your favorite chocolate, which you only allow yourself on special occasions (isn't weekend with your husband exactly that occasion?). I personally like sweet champagne. So as the resort provided us with a bottle of probably home made brandy, I came up with a small bottle of Martini Asti (thank God, now they sale this set of 4 little bottles, basically enough for 2 glasses just to cheer up a special moment). And guaranteed you'll forget about everything that troubles you, you'll relax and feel refreshed.
Have a good weekend, friends!!