Sunday, March 30, 2014

10 ways of giving back to your new community

1. Be welcoming - as much as you appreciate to feel welcome in this new place. Joy runs the world!

2. If you have a work permit, you can volunteer few hours of your week to many projects. To learn more go to

3. If you don't have a permit
and have children, you may help the local school your kids attend. Very often they ask moms for one time project assistance. If you engage, chances are they will count on you when needed!

4. There is this project I completely adore called "Girls today, Leaders tomorrow", from United Way. You can be part of their Women's Initiave networks and engage with their work.

5. Attend charity events! Philadelphia has so many balls and walks, you would be surprised... And poor if you attend them all! I particularly like Walk for wishes | Yoga on the steps | Heart Walk

6. If you drive, download ride share apps (Lyft, Sidecar, Ridejoy...) - you can split the costs on commuting, make a friend, and save carbon footprint (great idea for those who make the very same route everyday).

7. Girls scouts are huge in America, you can help them to sell cookies by taking some boxes! All the money raised goes to UNICEF.

8. Organize a food drive at your neighborhood to support the area Hunger Relief Center, visit

9. Show that you care by giving away your time and comprehension. "Those who have nothing to give, still have love to give." For instance, I enjoy talking to the elderly at the groceries, sometimes their humor truly make my day!

10. Give meaningful gifts. How about making a donation under your friend's name as a gift?

And that's not everything, I could go on and on here..! It may be easier to offer support to your local community than somewhere else in Africa, but not less rewarding.

Peace out!