Sunday, February 23, 2014

Haircut? L'etoile *** (Voilà!)

Hello ladies!

Here we are, just opening a new feature in this blog: making reviews - our side story of the best services in town!

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I'm starting off rating a hair salon, so here's why
I adore this place:

L'etoile (Manayunk) ***

I got there willing for a color revamp, wondering for a haircut change yet subtle (read trendy, not edgy)... and was aiming strawberry blonde. There I found someone willing to not do exactly what I was going for, but giving me advice on what worked best for my skin tone and eyes (my color winner leans towards shades of golden blonde, in case you are curious). Then, I decided for side bangs (which was not a big move but def a good start) while having a cappuccino. Did I tell you there is a great coffee shop on first floor? Yep. Not to mention the hairdresser looked exactly like Charlotte from Sex in the City (and just as sweet). The people hanging were super cool, down to earth people, so good talk flowing around. The experience completely felt like going to a bold contemporary chic sorority hair salon without the college atmosphere (and crowd), or perhaps better described as a bold fashion backstage minus the runway/catwalk stress and supermodels... Following me? Yes, it is sort of $$... but totally worthy. I can't wait to get back!

Keep tuned! Peace out.