Saturday, February 8, 2014

Beauty talk 2. Some tips

Hey, girls. As promised, today, I try to share some beauty tips. (I’ll be happy if this is helpful. If I am wrong about something, just tell me, maybe I just was unlucky that day).

1. In US it's popular that a place is specialized in one particular service (so to speak, they gather professionals in one field only): you probably already noticed lots of little places with "nails, wax" signs. So if you want to do eyelashes extension, go to or other websites and you will see, the best ones only do eyelashes. It's normal. Though there are many fancy salons, where you can find a range of different  services, massage in these places is not comparable to massage in spa salons that provide only massages and skin treatments (also the choice is limited to swedish, deep tissue and max hot-stone massage).
2. Nails - mostly Asian salons....why? anyway.. – I saw many nails places have discounts from Monday through Wednesday (because other days are pretty busy, everybody prepares for weekend). It's also common, after your mani-piedi, that they give you shoulders' massage. But some places don't, so be careful and don't lose the opportunity for these free 2 minutes of relax.
3. Wax or laser. Still haven't done laser epilation here, because they mostly try to sell 6 procedures for $600, which I didn’t want to risk. Only one procedure is way too expensive, so… maybe some of you know the right place? Though, many places have very nice blue wax (blue color, made without paper). I recommend.You, also can buy unlimited waxing for a year or for 6 months (as for gym, right!!). Pretty useful if you are a wax-kind-of-person.
4. Eyebrows threadening. Nice thing, for many people is less painful than waxing or standard tweezers procedure. But never do it in the malls. It looks really convenient (fast, without appointment, on your shopping way), but no, it's definitely not the right solution hygienic-wise. If you like your eyebrows to be colored, ask for tinting, thought price would be additional $20.
5. Hair. This is a more complicated matter. If you have an important event, go to that well-known salons in the city center, where if you don’t have a trusted master, you'll get quality for your money. Otherwise, you always risk, in every country.
Finally, everything depends on the persons that are treating you, on how experienced and professional they are. I wish us all good luck with that!!!