Friday, February 14, 2014

Get the discounts recycling! In Philly you can!

One of the biggest cultural and life-style differences you may encounter first months in the US is a strong pro-client approach. This is a huge topic I can talk about in the future Expat Wives posts, though. What I'd like to point to today is that getting discounts and recycling get together perfectly in Philly! Sounds weird? Just continue reading!

Back in Italy I was used to a certain recycling routine. I didn't change my green mind once I came to Philly and tried to learn how it actually worked here. AND... What I found out may sound to you as a fantastic idea just as it did to me. So how exactly a Philadelphia resident can make use of his/her recycable garbage?
You may not know that you can apply for a recycling sticker (check this out: to be put on your blue bin (the one you collect all reusable garbage in) and you'll be getting points every week. So the idea is that you keep earning points every time you have your recycle bin full of reusable material. And all this just for trying to save the Earth! Isn't it awesome?  What can you do then with all the collected points? By simply signing in in the recyclebank website, you can redeem your points and get...WHATEVER you want (well, almost). Some examples: a year magazine subscription, a discount for a new bag, special offers for beauty treatments or various food and drink deals. And what's more, you can collect your points by simply reading the useful green articles on the recyclebank website. 
There are really a plenty of ways how to save your money and do something good at the same time. So girls, just try it! Save the Earth and...get you a massage!