Friday, January 17, 2014

The Impossible

Have you seen a movie ft. any expat wife role? Here's one: The Impossible.
Naomi Watts performs a doctor, mother of 3 boys, who became an expat wife
when her husband got transferred to Japan. Even though in the movie they spend the holidays in Thailand, she puts the expat wife glamour to the ground (managing to be still an adorable warrior, what a good figure we got representing us in the big screen!!)

My favorite quote? The resort concierge introduces the family to their bungalow, and asks her what she does for living. She explains her profession and currently occupation (stay-at-home mom), so he says: "I see, you are the one who got promoted".

Damn! Do you understand there are two ways to interpret this sentence? First, is a bless to be able to raise your children. Second perspective: gin and tonics. Gosh, here again... Which one crossed your mind first? Just curious.

It's a good movie, impressive true story inspired by tsunami survivors - check it out