Thursday, January 9, 2014

Let's make this more fun, pls

The stereotype of an expat wife is just so depressing... Google it and you will find many articles or sayings (okay, not so many sources)

emphasizing the downs of becoming one... Is that because expatriate packages are often not well "family" planned? Perhaps it is just a lonely world when you can't communicate in other language and still got many errands to run in the house, meanwhile looking for rebuilding your individual space... (C'mon, if any of you have difficulties speaking English, I'm sure by joining us you'll have a lot of hands to push you further).

Other stories I found online described a much more glamorous lifestyle, which seemed unreal. If anything it made me think of someone picking everyday between drinking over brunch with friends or making selfies to get thro the day!

Either way, very sad pictures - I don't recall knowing any expat wife living these roles. Let's say being in the Expat Wives is very different than in the Real Housewives show!

But... Haven't we all heard of someone going thro a hard time adjusting to the change? Yes.

By sharing experiences and local best practices we can all make a newbie's life smoother - and the stereotype fade

Participate sharing relevant content!

-Peace out!