Sunday, January 26, 2014

Adult Playtime

As much as I like quick lists, I have to compromise when the topic is "date ideas" (you wouldn't get enough details, otherwise). Here is a sneak-peak of my favorites things to do as a couple in Philly 
- not in order:

• Workout together along the Schuylkill river. For some, there is nothing romantic about it. But to me it's a beautiful atmosphere, plus sharing complicity and some sweat is... Hot!

• Breakfast/ brunch in different locations - if you are not a morning person, or don't have a nanny, skip this one! True to be said, finding good breakfast around is way easier than dinner (I love strolling on lazy mornings at Manayunk, Chestnut Hill, Society Hill, the Art museum area, Narberth, and Conshy)

• Summer picnics at Rittenhouse sq

• Dinner dates (I like experimenting, so Philadelphia is a full plate - I don't get how the hell Kayne and Kim Kardashian ended up at Wendy's!! Lame... I saw that on twitter)

• Get tickets to the Helium Comedy club - who doesn't need a good laughter? Besides, understanding locals' humor says a lot about understanding a new culture

• Look for festivals. I love the Fringe Arts (former PhillyFringe)

• Watching the games. Okay, you may think this is for guys... but not in Philly! It's quite fun, give it a chance! Watching the Flyers at the Wells Fargo is a must do for the two of you. Super Bowl kills it, throw a party and you will not only please your husband but gain the graces of all neighbors :D

• Playing tennis at any of those free courts around (they are everywhere, really)

• Ice skating - because it's fun! Invite your friends too

• Go to the movies. My favorites are: UA King of Prussia - for all the movie options and huge IMAX screens | Regal Plymouth Meeting (Conshohoken) & Reel Cinemas Bala - because of their retro looking | Ritz on Walnut (near Positano) for high quality reviewed film options

• Shall we dance? There are few options for non college people, sorry. I would say to married couples you are better off for drinks only, but if hitting the dance floor is definitely your plan, try Time or Ladder15. Thinking of dance classes? Tango, Salsa, ballroom... The city offers plenty of it

That's all for now, ladies!

*Later on you will find blog posts related to specific date experiences. Let's say a restaurant or fest review, for instance.
**We also will be organizing from time to time some girls night out, and dinner parties - stay tuned!!
***Yeah, as you may note I'm not currently in Philly, but been there :)