Thursday, January 23, 2014

Beauty Talk. Part 1

Changing country after years of relationship building with your hairdresser, perfect eyebrow master (it doesn't matter if she's at the other end of home city, it's totally worth it: if you've ever been a victim of asymmetrical eyebrows, you can understand me),
good cosmetologist (after treatment of whom your skin doesn't look like a tomato for 2 days)... and now you're here. In this country where you're not even sure of what's the name in English of that nail gel which you used to like. Maybe your husband can help? Don't be kidding me. Let the husband believe hair simply doesn't grow on your legs. What about your friends here? They're also foreigners and they probably haven't ever heard of that gel too or they cannot really explain to you the pros and cons of threading for the first time. Still sometimes we just need to look at our 100%. Let's help each other. We don't have time to figure out how everything works AGAIN. Honestly, I feel like I don't want to go crazy for experiences below my expectations. Have you ever felt that you know exactly what you want (coz u did these procedures in your home country since you were teenagers) and now these "americans" do something really strange? Beauty tips to be continued...