Monday, January 13, 2014

Kids Playdate

Philadelphia offers plenty of entertainment for children. If you have little ones you may consider be a member of

• the Philadelphia Zoo (which is fantastic, it is America's first zoo! You can even see little Amazon monkeys in extinction jumping from tree to tree... just adorable!),

• the Please Touch Museum (is a huge adventure for your little ones, and certainly will get you enchanted too... either by the smile faces all over the place, the great sleep yours will get afterwards, or by that beautiful carousel ride!),

• the Little Treehouse in Chestnut Hill (here is a place packed with Educational/ Eco friendly toys and stay-at-home moms), or

• any Little Gym in the area

We can talk these options further if you are interested, or add more to the list according to your suggestions.

As for expat kids playdates, this blog has now a Facebook page (Like us!!!) so everyone will be able to set events, get the word out, and meet. We will be glad to help those who look for expat babies/ toddlers to socialize :)