Sunday, June 1, 2014

Federal Donuts ***

I'm sure you already heard of Federal Donuts, but have you tried it yet?? They run out of donuts so fast, if you don't get up early chances are you never will.

One of their shops is located 2 blocks from home, and I have passed by quite often - mostly without any luck to find donuts or people inside (doors close as soon as their products are gone) - which activated my curiosity bottom.

Then I decided to give hubby (and myself) a treat over the holiday by planning a donut tasting menu kinda breakfast.! I got up by 8:00 just for a chance to try fresh gourmet donuts, and man, they were all worth it! I admit it, I was on sleep-walking mode to the store... but as I stepped in to make my order, the store smelled so wonderful, it woke up all my senses (or almost all).!

Here are the ones I ended up picking from all sorts of heavenly flavors: chocolate orange blossom, cookies and cream, vanilla lavender, and chocolate sea salt.

People say "happy wife, happy life" but a happy husband is also priceless! :D