Sunday, June 29, 2014

Patriotic cake and more

The most important day in the American calendar is here - the Independence Day! Do you know why it is celebrated? And do you know why Philadelphia plays an important role in it? 

Let's just have a quick look at some basic facts:

Why is it celebrated?
On 4th July 1776, the Declaration of Independence was adopted and the 13 American colonies declared themselves independent from the Great Britain.
Why is it so important to Americans?
With the Declaration, the colonies formally announced their irrevocable separation from the British government. It therefore signs the most important stepping stone of the American history - its birth.
Why is it so special to the city of Philadelphia?
It was here, in the Independence Hall to be precise, where the Declaration was signed and read.
How do American people celebrate the Fourth July?
First of all, it is the Federal holiday. Schools, business, banks and public offices are closed ( you say, this might be enough to celebrate). You will be able to see spectacular fireworks, enjoy BBQs, assist  parades, concerts and sports games and plenty other amusing events. Of course, patriotic events won't miss and you will be able to witness a massive display of the Star Spangled Banner all around the city. the expat wives can celebrate the Four July?

1. Getaway to the seaside: 
The 4th is also a great opportunity for outdoor activities and getaways. You can take advantage of special deals but WATCH OUT because the major seaside resorts are usually overbooked. So unless you booked something in advance, you may have some difficulties finding a hotel on the Jersey Shore below 200 dollars a night.

2. Good old shopping:
Every holiday is an occasion for the discounts and sales!

3. The largest FREE concert&fireworks
Enter in the American spirit and enjoy the concerts at the Art Museum followed by the spectacular fireworks. There are some more fireworks at the Penn's Landing,too. For the best spots from where to observe the fireworks show click here.

4. Stay outside and ...
...have some grilled corn, hot dogs or burgers and wait the dark for the fireworks.

5. What if it rains??? 
Well, even if most of the events happening in Philly are rain or shine, if you don't feel like going out in the rain you can:

- host a last-minute party at your place where everyone brings some summer food and an idea for a game 

AND/OR try the patriotic receipe:

Patriotic sour cream cake:
Mix 200g of sweet crackers in a mixer (I used graham Nabisco crackers), add 170 g of melted butter and two spoons of cane sugar. This forms a layer of the cake and it is practically a cheese cake layer.
Stir sour cream (around 400g but the quantity depends on how tall you want the cake) with some sugar  (it must be sweet but lightly sour too). You can also use half dose of sour cream and half dose of white yogurt to have the cake lighter and more delicate.
Put the strawberries and blueberries on top.
You can also create a middle layer of biscuits, cover it with another layer of cream and then put the fruit on top.
The result is a fresh cake with the colors of America!!!

Happy Independence Day to all expat wives of Philadelphia!