Sunday, June 8, 2014

Moving to get organized

This time we are going to talk about moving. I know that for many of you who moved from a different country and crossed the ocean to reach their husbands, every future move can be considered a piece of cake. A few months after my arrival I had to start looking for a new apartment. When we finally found the best place for us,
we could start concentrating on the moving phase.
I would like to share with you some tips and ideas in case you have to go through another moving in your life (and sooner or later it will happen).

1. Plan ahead - moving can be very stressful. Packing usually takes longer than you would think. Therefore, the sooner you start, the fewer things you will have to do the days prior to moving. Don't forget a useful to-do-list that will help you keep track of all your duties.
2. Assume a step-by-step attitude - do a little bit everyday and soon enough it will all be ready to go.
3. Get the moving supplies ahead - you will need boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, cutter, a lot of tapes and, of course, labels. Don't forget to sign the boxes with the labels. You will not remember their content once you are in a new place. Carefully sign the fragile boxes so as the people who will help you move will know what is inside. Where to find the supplies? Any mover can provide you with a variety of moving materials, otherwise you can get them at the Staples store, too.
4. Use the boxes - try to get everything into boxes. They are easier to move, carry and load onto a truck. All boxes get tapes on the top and bottom.
5. Involve your friends - the packing process can be much easier with your friends helping you. Having friends around, chatting with them and having a few beers while packing your stuff will turn the labor into fun.
6.  Transfer the utilities - this is a very important thing to do. Don't forget to call the customer service of your gas supplier, electricity supplier, TV and internet provider to comunicate the change of address. You will already need the utilities the day you move while you will have to require the cease of the service in your old unit. Besides, on the USPS website you can easily comunicate the change of address and have the mails transferred to your new address directly.
7. Schedule your move - you might need a truck or even movers to help you with. Remember to schedule the rental ahead, at least one week before. If you wait till the very last moment you will have to take what is left and you might spend more money and time (if the rentals near you are not available anymore).
8. Some more practical things - after you move there are still some documents you will need to change the address on: your driver's license, credit card, ecc.
9. Think positive -  whatever big the obstacle you have to overcome is, this is our message for you always, dear ladies. On the occasion of moving to a new home, think about how many useless things you can actually get rid of and how many useless things we all tend to store in our wardrobes. Free yourself and your home of excessive and superficial things you will never use indeed.
Another positive aspect of moving is the fact that you can furnish you new apartment out of nothing. So let the new ideas blossom and enter into your home. Novelty is very positive many times. It can give you a sense of a new beginning. Besides, furnishing and organizing your new house will keep you busy and fulfilled.

Contact me in case you need more specific tips such as where to find a truck rental, which movers company I used and was satisfied with. I would be happy to give you more detailed tips and recommend you some services.

Have a great day !