Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ice cream, baby !!!

I am an ice-cream addict. I can have ice-cream every day. And now that I have confessed it, I will share my favorite places in Philly with you:

Old city ice-cream spots:

The Franklin Fountain - 2nd and Market St. 

When you are strolling around the Old City at any time of the day, this is the place you can't miss. There is always a long line at the entrance but it's really worth waiting. Philly residents consider this place the best of town. I discovered it recently and immediately tried the Wherley Berley flavor and the Rum Raisin, both very delicious! The portions are really big so ask for the two scoops in the small cup even if you have been craving for something sweet. Ice-cream is served in Chinese style paper cups! I also love their slogan: Franklin Fountain - All-ways!

Capofitto - 2nd and Chestnut St.
Walking just a block south, you will find another ice-cream place serving an Italian style gelato. I tried many flavors here but my favorite one is hazelnut (nocciola).

Center City ice-cream spots: 

Capogiro - 13th St. and Sansom 

Tasty artisanal gelato and sorbetto can be found in 4 different locations around Philly. Two of them are in the center city (address above and another one in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood), one store is located in the Passyunk neighborhood and there is another one in the University City, too. The two center city stores remain open until 1am on Saturday, the best for the late night cravings after dinner. Check out their flavor of the day - every day there is a new ice-cream surprise!

Gran Caffè L'Aquila - 17th St. and Chestnut 

If you love Pistacchio flavor just as I do, you cannot miss this place! Ice-creams are artisanal and made by a gelato world cup holder Stefano. Of course, you pay for what you get so get your purse ready. So do your tongues, though because this is one of the best ice-creams/gelatos in Philly.

Ben & Jerry's - 17th and Sansom St. 

I don't think I have to introduce you this unique Vermont ice-cream and their most extraordinary combinations of flavors. When you come to the US, it is the first brand you discover. I love those with the cookies inside like Spectacular Speculoos!

Enjoy,share and let us know about your favorite spots!