Saturday, August 8, 2015

DECODING the Best of Philly Fashion #1

Did you know... Philadelphia was named the #2 city in the world for shopping? The nomination came by The Conde Naste Traveler, and did not surprise me much considering the size of King of Prussia Mall or the amount of discounts I usually find in the off-price stores around. However, the more I read about the best local places to shop... the more I believe someone gotta translate to us (expats) what this mean exactly!

Fashion is a super volatile part of a culture. It changes from place to place so drastically and fast, it is easy for a foreign to be noticeable (and shocked!). The American East and West Coast are a perfect example of how fashion differences can fit in the same culture as well. Now, from one continent to another, the picture is a bit more complex. It also involves changes regarding habits and perception - body image, and beauty standards too. It's crazy. I hear you!

To save my expatriate ladies some time and energy (and why not bring you some joy and laughter too), here I put myself into decoding the Best of Philly 2015 Fashion, according to the Philadelphia Magazine. This is #1 out of 4 posts that will explain and show you what to expect when and if walking to the top rated stores in town:

VAGABOND • 37 N 3rd St • Boutique • This place has a bohemian soul with a contemporary twist. Here you can find vintage pieces and new clean designs that scream charm; and did I mention they seem to be handpicked and special? Here, take a look inside and check what they had in store for me:
A bit vintage, a bit eclectic, and very modern, these summer outfits show some of the possibilities you can find there.

Because we all need a little black dress...
Just don't put the idea you are making in a box, your possibilities are quite endless if you let their team guide you through styles.

Here is what to expect from my next post and #2 fashion decode... Stay tuned! 

- Peace out