Saturday, August 29, 2015

DECODING the Best of Philly Fashion #2

I had suggested my next stop on my last post, but unfortunately that store is still not operating regularly until (and including) Labor Day weekend. But no worries, the Philadelphia Mag never placed them on a rank, so there is no one better than another - they are all winners in their own categories. So here I share with you another one of my visits, and attempts, to show you what the Best Of Philly Fashion means, this time featuring the best NEW OFF-PRICE STORE: Century 21.

First of all, I confess my bias. I stepped in thinking I was about to get into something similar to any of those off-price stores we all have been in Philly or surroundings... One of my friends had advised me she had a messy and long-time consuming experience (possibly going through racks), but because she is somewhat new here I shouldn't have taken her words so seriously. Damn, I was dead wrong!

This is how the place looks at the entrance. By the way, have you ever found a whole Louis Vuitton section at a discount store?! My jaw dropped on the floor (thankfully no selfies of this moment!).

Because nobody gets the luxury of a personal advice at this type of shopping experience, digging in is a must. Then I tried, and tried, and did everything I could to find a little black dress among all those brands so dear to America and Europe - from Burberry, Missoni to DVF, Tory Burch, Theory, Calvin Klein, Vince... But, my size didn't help me much. So I ended up picking a black outfit that could substitute a LBD well.

And looking and digging ended up being quite fun :)

Peace out! Can't wait to share what's next!