Sunday, March 15, 2015

Get (un)dressed !

The first warm temperatures and sun rays made me feel so happy this week! Firstly, because everything becomes more beautiful in spring, secondly, because I don’t need to wear thousands of layers and thick winter coats anymore (knock knock knock on the wood).

So, while I was searching for some spring clothes in my closet, I thought about sharing a few interesting styles each for a different occasion.
Here are some ideas for a trendy expat wife like you.

Occasion n.1: Running errands 
The key word here is comfort. So, whether you plan to go around the city to apply for the documents or run other everyday errands, you always want to feel comfortable. 
My suggestions: wear a pair of skinny jeans or leather leggings. Instead of a jacket, put on an oversized sweater juxtaposed on an oversized shirt. Play with the colors! The shades of blue, light blue, green or yellow and mustard can be matched in a very original way.
Wear a pair of white sneakers, the real must! 
Expat hint: peek into the stores in the Old City. There are also a few secondhand stores with very original things such as accessories, blazers or dresses.

source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (FIDMFashion Club)

Source:  Harper's Bazaar

Occasion n. 2:Everyday style for work
Your what-to-wear choices will of course depend on a work environment. You can try pencil skirts with a comfortable easy-going striped t-shirt and a pair of high-heels or even white sneakers. If you also love pants suits, they are the best choice in this season, too. Get inspired by a man's style suits and high-waist pants matched with a blazer and a pair of slip-on shoes or oxford shoes.
Expat hint: for slip-on shoes, check out the Steve Madden store. For everyday work clothes, shirts in particular, I often find very nice things in the Banana Republic stores.



Occasion n. 3: Night roof-top party
When in doubt, a LBD (a little black dress) is always a good choice. This time you may opt for dresses with glitters. If you want to try something different, a cropped top with a wide shimmering midi-skirt will definitely look super cool. Eventually, if you really want to impress, I suggest you seize overalls (or jumpsuits). Try them not only in denim but also the leather ones! Oh yes, they really look fancy.
Expat hint: you can find very sexy dresses and overalls of different kinds at the Guess stores or even at the Urban Outfitters. 



Source: Pinterest

Occasion n. 4: Romantic dinner
Even if you go for dinner with your husband, you still want to impress him, don't you. Of course, high-heels are the must. But, what to wear? Midi skirts either with floral or gingham prints are this season's top trend! They look so feminine! If you prefer dresses, try shirt dresses with a pair of open boots.
Expat hint: the Anthropology store is the best for the selection of beautiful (although not very cheap) midi skirts in different colors and styles.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Source: Anthropologie

Occasion n. 5: Dinner at friends’ house

My personal experience taught me to wear something comfortable because I always tend to eat well and a lot. So,what about wearing a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans with a large t-shirt (that covers our after-dinner belly) and a pair of high-heels? I also love dresses and I would recommend you a nice shirt dress or a denim dress (LDD) for this season.
Alert: you may be asked to take off your shoes, so if you don't feel comfortable barefooted, opt for sneakers, oxford shoes or ankle boots with a pair of socks.
Expat hint: check the Urban Outfitters stores and online offers for BDG ripped jeans. 

Source: Pinterest
Source: Anthropologie

I hope you have found some inspirations. 

Feel free to comment on what you liked or didn't like or any other suggestions you have!!!