Monday, October 27, 2014

The silver lining

It was Election Day in Brazil yesterday. Such a hard experience to watch everything from far without an active participation. As I get disappointed by the second ballot results, I can't help myself comparing and counting all the things that in my opinion make the US one of a kind.

Here I share with you everything that make me in love with this country today. Perhaps it would help you to do the same when you get the blues, or feel homesick. Focusing on the positives always push me forward.

• I never been to a place so fair! It's in the air... In my opinion Americans believe they are heard, and trust their Constitution - and reinforcement systems. I see this not only on a political sphere but over daily transactions too... Communities and non-profits are extremely organized, Police are very much respected (used to be even more before Brown's case), returns and refunds are played honestly... And, yes, this country is a democracy. For many years, I think I misunderstood what that really is because of how democracy is done/ played in my home country.

• It seems like sky is the limit, and it's never been so close babe! Entrepreneurship is big in the US... And I love it. People dream big, have a sense of empowerment, and a can-do attitude to make it work, or make a change. Everytime I read the news, there is always a success story, either big or small. At least from where I come from, this type of story is not every day news.

• Oh yeah, and things work here! I think bureaucracy is minimal... (whoever disagrees never been to Brazil at least!)

• Americans love a good joke, and most people will try to make you smile when your face gets familiar - over business meetings, coffee shops counters... Understanding their humor takes a little time (which can be a little awkward for you in the beginning) but once you are in the loop... you will appreciate a little laughter here and there!

• There is a new wave totally health oriented here, and I became a fan of the natural fever: never endless options of organic/ whole grain food that also support local businesses and farmers. At least in Brazil, surprisingly it is a little difficult to find as many green options for products as here (however, more affordable variety of fruits and vegetables are easily found in BRA)

• Almost everybody says "good morning", "please", "thank you", "excuse me", "sorry"... and I think that's great! It makes such a difference to be aware of others (even if sometime it sounds a little automatic. Sure I take that over people robotically rude!)

• This country knows what entertainment means. Really, from a block party to a tailgate, from Thanksgiving parade to a backyard BBQ... Everything turns out as a big beautifully put together event!

• This is the land of the brave and free

People say every cloud has its silver lining... and I couldn't agree more. Let's always remember to count our blessings, ladies!

Peace out