Sunday, September 28, 2014


Hi girls!
     Fall is back again and whether we want it or not, some fall depression and lack of energy can hunt us these days. Last week we had a post regarding being back from vacation ("Deprssed or Reborn?"). So let's not give in to our worst enemy: a depressed version of ourselves. 

     Expat wives of Philadelphia announce the 1st challenge for all expat wives. We all remember how few months ago social media were full of any kind of challenges to prepare ourselves for a season in bikini. This challenge is more aimed to help ourselves to go through our adjustment stages despite which step each one of us is at. Consider it more like a game with some goals to reach on the way, it would be easier and more fun. 
     It is a known fact that to get used to a new habit, human needs to repeat this new habit for at least 21 days. That's why we start a 21 days challenge to push ourselves out of the comfort zone. These tasks will help us to get confidence and finally moving towards adjusting to the surrounding reality. We will be able to test our strengths during these 21 days of different tasks. Some tasks would be connected with us being new in the place we live, us being a wife and a woman, us speaking a different language and us not being shy to overcome our fears of a new culture.
    Every day starting from the beginning of the month we will announce the challenge of the day. We will actively participate and post pictures of completed tasks. We welcome you to do the same, and don't forget to add the hashtag  #expatwifechallenge to your post on social media .