Sunday, September 21, 2014

DEPRESSED or REBORN? What is your post vacation mode?

Coming back from vacation is always tough. The reasons are simple. Having your feet dipped in the sea is way much better than have them dipped in your office high heels. On vacation, your mind gets relaxed, your body, too. You visit new places, taste new flavors and enjoy new adventures. The vacation life may have very little in common with the everyday life of an expat wife of Philadelphia. But, how can we then cope with coming back to reality?
How can we avoid any kind of depression and blues (post-vacation blues) and transform it into positive energy instead? Read and think about of the following tips. I hope you find them helpful.

Joy instead of nostalgy - you may have got some new souvenirs and now you'll place them in your house, you may go through the vacation pics, print some of them and look at them wishing you could still be there. Try to eliminate the nostalgia for a past vacation and desires for going back in time. Instead, think about how vacation filled you up with a new energy and how you could relax and get ready for the upcoming months.

Post vacation extra day - do you usually come back from vacation on Sunday evening just to start working on Monday? Yeah, we all do it. We tend to enjoy every single minute of our vacation till the very end. We jump into our everyday activities without having a chance to take a breath, putting ourselves in stressful situations. Instead,  we should have one or two extra days before we go back to our everyday lives. This way we avoid creating useless stress and energy expenditure (all your vacation rest would become worthless!).

Gradual coming back to reality - this tip is closely related with the previous one. What is important is to start focusing on litttle issues and little goals first and gradually go through more complicated or troublesome ones. Writing down a to-do list may be very helpful once you unpack your suitcase. It will help organize your activities and keep your priorities clear.

Keep yourself active - never stop keeping yourself fit! On vacation you may have stopped with your practice so now it is time to go back to your work out routine again. 

Keep enjoying fresh air - in the past weeks you may have spent much of your time outside. Do not close yourself at home once you come back. Stay at the fresh air as much as you can. If you work, have your lunch break in the park, or have a little walk making advantage of the last summer sun rays. I just love fall in Philadelphia! 

Change something in your life - September is like January - it brings new proposals, new inspirations... Let's turn the post vacation period into a new beginning.  Get rid of some old habit(s) and change something what you have always wanted to change. Start doing what you have always planned and never had time. Now you may have the right and necessary drive to undertake new paths.

Planning your future trip - I consider this point extremely helpful. I usually come back form the vacation planning the next one. It feels like setting myself a goal to achieve. Your come back may be less tiring and frustrating if there is a reward, another vacation, waiting for you in the end.

Dear ladies, I am really curious to know what your usual post vacation mode is and how you deal with the come backs.

Remember, think positive and open your mind to a new post summer beginning!