Sunday, November 9, 2014

English with Joy

     Yesterday without planning for it we went to the movies. It was a nice movie of a good producer and the evening was really nice. Which made me think how great it is going to the movies and understand what the actors are talking about.
It hasn't always been like this, so I decided to share with you my experience of practicing English with joy.
      Movies are a great tool especially if, like me, you particularly like watching them. But if the level of English is still not perfectly good, my suggestion is to enjoy TV series with multiple episodes. The main theme is something that develops from episode to episode and easy to understand even with little English. If you enjoy comedies as I do, to read the main line becomes even easier, because comedy sitcoms are normally pretty simple, so following them goes down to understanding the jokes. It is nice to watch them with subtitles. I fully enjoy online subscriptions as Netflix and Amazon Prime. They have subtitles and, unlike TV, you can pause if you didn't understand some words, replay them again and use dictionary to translate to your language. Bonus is that you can watch your episodes or movies through their website wherever you want in US using a simple internet connection.
       My personal choices in the world of TV series:
Sex and the city, Scrubs, House of Cards, Dr. House, Breaking Bad, Big Bang Theory, Desperate Housewives, Criminal Minds, Good Wife, etc.
       When you go to the cinema it starts to be a bit more complicated to understand everything if you haven't been here for that long. And you cannot put pause! The way I started my movie experience was watching mostly cartoons. They are bright, funny and easy to understand as the language is simple. Even now, I would say, the American movie industry produce lots of interesting animated movies even for adults. I love all classic Disney movies, as Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and Rapunzel. For the more recent ones, I enjoyed Ratatouille, Hotel Transylvania, Despicable Me and I cried at the end of Frozen. If you have kids, this journey would be both helpful and entertaining. 
Then I transitioned to Action Movies, which still have lots of action, the dialogues are easy to understand but they are made for adults.
       If you don't enjoy spending hours in front of TV, maybe music will help you better. On top of listening to your favorite songs, download apps which give you the name of the singer and the song title and additionally the lyrics (for example, Shazam). Often we have lots of fun, driving in a car, listening a song we like, checking the name of the singer and then unintentionally starting karaoke with the words from the app.
       Good luck to you with your English! There is still lots for me to learn. And I would like to improve my professional English. Even if I know that the way is still long and not easy, I can still do it with joy.