Friday, April 10, 2015

Run like an expat !

What do you think about running? Do you find it energizing as I do? Actually, I wasn’t a runner before I moved to Philadelphia. I used to run around the park in Milan but I only started to run seriously here in the US. It may be because Philly boasts of a great number of running trails or simply because it is an easy and a low-cost work out option. But the most curious thing is that Philly is a running city!

There are run races in every season, of every distance and accessible for everyone. If you are not familiar with the races at all, you may want to know that: 
usually the races are distance races of 5k, 10k, half-marathon or marathon 
there always is a registration and a registration fee
you always run for the cause. In fact, most races are charity runs.
Whether you are an experienced runner or you have just bought your first runner's shoes, here is a list of Philly's most famous races:

The Color Run
Famous in all world, it is also known as “the happiest 5K on the planet”.  It was my first run ever and guys, it was a huge fun. You don’t have to be a runner as no particular physical preparation is necessary. All you need is a willingness to wake up on a Sunday morning and have fun with your friends tossing colors at each other (a little alert here:after the run, you will find colors in the most hidden parts of your body). If you want to do something different from a Sunday brunch or if you are starting your career as a runner, you will definitely enjoy the Color Run. So check it out and get ready for the next one on 25 April!
And, something for expat moms: the run is also child-friendly! 
More info at The Color Run website! 

The Graffiti Run 
It is another colorful 5K with the very similar concept of having fun while you are running. Color explosions of powder wait for you at the green, red, orange, pink zone and finally at the finish line. Again, the purpose is to have blast with friends and so everyone is welcome. Save the date if you are interested because the next Graffiti Run will take place on Sunday, May 18 in Philadelphia/Camden Waterfront.
More info at The Graffiti Run website

Rocky Balboa Run
How should a race held in Philadelphia be called if not after his legendary movie hero? Every year in November, thousands of runners and walkers join the famous Rocky Run. You have two options here: 5K or 10K. Registration is required and the price range is $45 to $65.
More info at the Rocky Balboa Run website

The Broad Street Run
This run is the Philadelphia’s special run. First of all, it is not measured in kilometers but in miles. It is, in fact a 10-mile run along Broad Street passing some most important landmarks of the city. Second, it is the largest 10-mile race in the US. The Broad Street Run, named also Blue Cross Broad Street Run due to its sponsor, is held in May. 
If you want to participate, you will have to be selected in the lottery starting as early as in February. Don't lose hope if you are not selected, though. There are also other charity bibs you may purchase until they all are sold.
More info at the Broad Street Run website!

The Philly 10K
This run was established by Philadelphia Runner, popular running stores in Philadelphia. After its debut last year, the next Philly 10k is coming up on 30 August, 2015. It is a road race through the heart of Philadelphia with the starting point on East Passyunk. You may admire the Philly's most beautiful neighborhoods while enjoying the run! This is what I call combining business with pleasure.
More info coming soon!

For all seriously running expat wives, there is a bunch of half-marathon races held in Philadelphia. Here are the most famous one: The Love Run (March), Odyssey Half Marathon (June 14), Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series (October 31). Ok, I am not that far with my work out yet. But if YOU are, you can share some running hints with me...

So girls, are you ready for some expat wives run ?