Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Life savers updated

I have updated my life savers (originally posted last November), thinking of newcomers specially.

Many things are done a lot faster (and easier) in the US than in my home country. My guess, partially because of Americans driven spirit, or lack of time to dedicate to things that shouldn't take much time. Anyway, integrating myself to this lifestyle did make my day-to-day routine less time consuming, creating room for more me time (gracias!)

Moving help
• White Fence for all home services price comparison and purchase.
• If moving to another house or other state, try quoting what is best in your region using these: Moving, Unpakt or 123Movers
• Housecleaning or home repairs: Handy

Household products
• Multi surface disinfecting wipes (aka Lysol wipes, but any other brand does the job): it is self explanatory. Just keep in mind it also kills cold and flu viruses. Trust me, you will end up using it more often than you can imagine. I find it superefficient on bathroom/ kitchen sinks - swipe and shine!
• Instant stain remover pens (aka Tide To Go or Clorox pen): if you are known for keeping you head over the clouds, carry one in your purse too. Accident happens, and you don't wanna wait for that coffee stain to dry up! I always keep one handy when hosting a party, your guests will appreciate fast and efficient help to save their attire from wine or tomato sauce slip.

• Zocdoc is an amazin app! Think of Yelp but designed to health services... Great, huh? You can filter doctors by specialty, location, have access to reviews, calendars AND book an appointment on a click. This is gold, ladies!
• Instacart for online grocery shop. Delivery rates and prices are better than FreshDirect, just saying.
• Restaurant delivery: Caviar or GrubHub
• This is super right now: Airbrush tan at your home! Make your appointment at SPF (safe personalized faux) Tanning
• Dying to try v-steaming? I haven't tried yet, but here is the place to go: Total Serenity Spa

Out and about
• Uber!! Can't get enough of this app. Cars and drivers are totally clean and nice, they pick you up wherever you are and don't need cash... and UberX is super cheap. Totally saved me many times!

• Call 911 for any emergency
• Call 311 or *FIX for street department (in case you wanna report a pothole or cave-in).
• Check Philadelphia school district to find schools nearby and assign your kids.
• For information on school and university closings: tune KYW radio 1060, call the hotline 215-400-INFO, or check and subscribe to FOX 29 school alerts online.

Thank me later.!!!