Sunday, February 8, 2015

Love is in the air

     Next week most of us will celebrate Valentine's Day. There are definitely people there who thinks that this holiday is not serious enough and there is no need to do something special for celebrating it. I would agree that you can't compare with Christmas or New Year, but since the moment I met the love of my life I started to take Valentine's criticism very personally. When you are in love, you start to like all these fake red hearts and silly postcards everywhere.

Anyway, to celebrate it or not it's your choice. But if you are like me (and you look with envious eyes to those huge puffy bears, dreaming of getting one some day, even knowing that they are no use and that there is no space for them at home) join my husband's personal chart of romantic dates I organized for him. I hope that our experience can give you new ideas for new romantic dates, which can bring some additional love pieces to your relationships and remind you to appreciate how great it is to have that wonderful partner of yours.

 #3. Take him to an Unknown date. It seems simple. Not everything should be difficult. But if I just put a little hint of surprise, it all became very special. Book a nice restaurant, but don't tell him which one. Dress up, take the car keys and when you get inside, close his eyes with a scarf, so that he doesn't see where you are driving him. Men who work all the day sometimes like to completely relax and be driven to an unknown direction. I did it for our anniversary once and I actually drove my husband for 2 hours to.... Baltimore, where I reserved the hotel room. It was kind of a game for him trying to guess where we were driving for 2 hours. My usual little hint: if you want to organize a surprise date not exactly on Valentine's Day, always mention your anniversary or your special occasion to the place where are you going. Restaurants can put flowers into the vase for your table, sometimes greeting cards,and hotels can do the same. At the Hilton's we also got complimentary champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries. It gave that special touch to our celebration and was a surprise even for me.

#2. Spa date. You probably already got from my posts that I love treating myself and my body. Men? They normally don't even know the difference between spa procedures. But believe me, as soon as they try, they will love it like my husband did. Schedule double massage for both of you, go to a spa resort with pool, Jacuzzi and saunas or you can use my date idea I did once: I waited my husband at home with lots of candles instead of lights, relaxing music of forest and waterfalls and bubbling bath getting ready. While he entered aroma bath, he was served with a glass of his favorite cocktail in a beautiful glass (you could easily switch it with icy water with lemon for healthy effect or champagne for those who likes bubbling not only in the bath). After bath we went to the bedroom and.... I gave him a massage with the massage oil. Yes, massage, what were you thinking? By the way, don't forget to put towels under, because some oils are hard to wash out from your special occasion silky sheets. I am not a professional in massage , but he was relaxed enough to feel asleep, so I guess it was a good try. I finished our spa date with home made sushi and green ice tea with hint of mint for relaxing effect.

And finally the winner is....
#1. Whole day date, which means plan the whole day as he always wanted. It is super difficult to find a present for men. All women know it, I know for sure, because the thing my husband likes is technical stuff, which as you may guess I am not professional with. But now and then they say that they want to do this or that some day. You just need to remember. I caught mine on that. As he works all day, we never have an occasion to walk in the city, so we did it. We spent the whole day in downtown Philly, visiting Franklin Institute, where he never was before and always wanted to go, we had lunch in a nice restaurant and we did some shopping at Macy's in City center. I just needed to check schedules of museums, shows, etc. It seems simple, but again, when I said "I invite you for a date. Please make all day available for it!", he was curious and excited. Maybe there is a game he wanted to watch or bar he wanted to visit or some new sport he wanted to try, you definitely know better what your half wants to do.

   You would say that all these dates are the result of female effort, shouldn't it be the opposite? Yes, like a woman who expects her flowers every month and all these gentlemen behavior I agree. But also let me tell you something, men are very simple by nature. Sometimes they are tired, sometimes they don't have time, they work a lot to provide a necessary level of income for their families. And even if they love you very much, they may forget to plan something for the day which seems special for you or they invite you for dinner which may seem not special enough for the occasion. In my marriage every time I plan super surprise for my wonderful husband, next time he swamps me out of my feet. Result is guaranteed!!! And hey, the most remarkable date almost didn't require any spending in advance. We just spent the whole day together. At the end of the day all what we, both men and women, need is love!