Sunday, February 15, 2015

10 expat problems

1. Managing investments in 2 or more countries
Yes, dealing with different currencies/rates makes staying on top of investments a little bit of a piece of work!

2. Lost in translation
Have you found something super funny but trying to explain to someone else you realized its translation doesn't make sense? Embarrassing! My husband thinks I have no sense of humor no more!

3. Emotional buying
I can't leave my husband alone shopping in the Italian market, he brings everything home!!!! I mean it!

4. Missing out
I wasn't there when three of my nephews were born or when my mother passed. I missed some weddings, group vacations, birthdays, housewarmings and baptism parties...

5. Being okay with #4
I learned I can't be everywhere. Time doesn't stop and my resources aren't infinite. Life happens, and my participation on people's lives shouldn't be punctuated by milestones or anything but connection. Yes, cherish and love can be felt from long distances!

6. Goodbyes
But I didn't get numb! I cry when the vacation is over and it is time for saying goodbyes to my loved ones... Every time.

7. Cravings are not restricted to PMS anymore
Self explanatory, right! I crave passion fruit juice or coconut water like... all the time.

8. Autocorrector does not correct anymore
I have 3 languages in my phone, my Autocorrector is almost my enemy!

9. Belonging or not belonging: that is the question
When you think of yourself a little bit of an alien in your expatriate country but go back home for vacation only to find out that you feel the same way there too!

10. DIY beauty routines
It's hard for me to find a place that gives me satisfactory beauty service. Too bad, depending of where you move as an expat it gets difficult to find a good waxing studio, or hairdresser. So I learned homemade facials, to trim my bangs, wax myself... and honestly I'm happy to wax me (said goodbye to bruises and bumps, and hello to extra cash... Not a bad exchange!). In my first attempts I bought microwavable wax (super easy to find on eBay, Amazon & some drugstores), but slowly moved to making my own honey wax. Wanna give it a try, and learn for any emergency? Here's how to DIY.

Ingredients: 2 tsp Honey • 1 part Lime • 2 parts Sugar | How to: bring everything to boil while stirring non-stop until it smoothly covers the back of your wood spoon. It will be super hot! Do not touch it until is warm to the skin and have gooey consistency

Hope I brought a smile to your face, at least I had one while writing this! Go ahead and tell me what's in your list!

Peace out!