Sunday, August 17, 2014

Don't have friends and family here? Amazing

     Did it ever happen to you to feel lonely? Even if you have the best husband in the world, sometimes it comes a day when you miss hanging out with your family, you miss the company of  your good old friends, you miss the traditions of your country, you miss your habits, you miss your old life... But today is not the day for melancholy. Today is the day to look bright on the possibilities that the lack of your social circle gives you.

     You don't have friends? Amazing, nobody knows you! This means you can be whoever you want to be. You changed your life and came here, so why don't experiment with yourself? You were closed and conservative in your native country, well, let's be smiley and wild! You were too conscious of everybody, well, put your head up and feel the wild of ignoring something for the first time in your life! You don't need to always maintain your usual image anymore. And who knows, maybe with these experiments you would like yourself better, or maybe not, but you can have good time.
      You don't have family dinner on Saturday nights and you don't need to spend your time for picking up your nephew from dancing school? Super! You have this time for yourself. Let's be honest: I love my family, our atmosphere of big family, several generations together at one table, our family jokes which have been accumulating for years, but sometimes you just feel like you are obligated to go to the family lunch that without a good reason has been arranged exactly at uncomfortable time when it is nice weather and you would rather go to the beach (beach in Russia, sure, who am I kidding) ehms... I meant... to go shopping! I am not even talking about tricky conversations with your husband's family where you have to keep your concentration mode on. How many interesting things you can do during this time? How many places are there still undiscovered, how many activities you always wanted to do and now you finally have time for??
       Speaking of family lunches and dinners, I don't know where my dear readers are from, but in my husband's culture and mine we really eat a lot. We can sit at the table for hours. And you cannot offend the host by not eating. We may survive a week of holidays, but in everyday life, sometimes your own body craves for simple and low-calorie food. It is simply not an option when you are sitting at a banquet table for a family dinner or a friends' party every other day. Here in US, as an expat wife, you and only you (OK, sometimes he...) decide your menu for tonight. And we all know that Philly has something to offer to everybody, even the most refined taste.
      What is the fashion style in your home country? Didn't you feel like a woman of your particular age should dress that particular style? Or, let's say, should wear that particular price range? What about unspoken rules regarding how your look defines your status and your identity? Well, how do you feel in US? Coming back to my point number 1, you can be whoever you want here. Have you ever dreamed to wear a skirt as in the 70s that would have looked weird among your home circle? Why don't you give it a try here? Of course, trends play important role everywhere in the world. But if you look on the streets, America is so diverse that people who may look like freaks in other countries, just have a very extravagant taste here.
I like the expression: "When one door closes, another one opens". It's only our choice if we are ready to open it and step in!!