Sunday, August 24, 2014

8 drops of hope: mini vacays!

Planning a weekend getaway takes first time, second a WHOLE weekend available... But what if finding a window at your husband's calendar seems like an impossible mission? My advice: try to do the most of 1 single day!

Some destinations in the surrounding of Philadelphia can offer a great and relaxing (and quick) experience; here's my favorites:

1. Visit NEW HOPE
Sometimes all we need is new hopes, right? This little town is only 1 1/2 hour away from Philly, and makes a great stroling around-buying art-having late lunch by the river destination.

2. Follow a WINE TRAIL
Philadelphia region has 3 famous trails around Bucks county, Lehigh Valley, and Brandywine vineyards. Go by car to make your own time, or book a seat on a small bus (there are two companies making it happen, learn more). Biking is not possible, I tried to plan it but streets are too narrow - not recommended to cyclists :(

3. Get fresh air in CHESTNUT HILL or MANAYUNK
These are two hoods I just can't get enough of! Germantown ave & Manayunk Main st are both too charming, and their local restaurants did not disappoint me yet.

Besides being a beautiful spot, they have many summer events - don't miss it!

5. Fruit picking at LINVILLE ORCHADS
I am enchanted by this place. Truck rides and white peach fields? I'm sold!! They have fields that absolutely please anyone: veggies, a huge variety of apples, berries, pumpkins, white peaches... 

Leave home by 3:30am and be at the NJ coast in time for the sunrise! Bring blankets, your morning joe and fruits for a special breakfast (I admit, I haven't tried this plan yet because my husband didn't buy in, but sounds like a good one to me, so I'm persevering!)

7. Buy tickets to CONCERT in Atlantic City
Best is to stay for the night in one of their huge hotels, and enjoy their spa facilities! It will totally make you feel on a mini vacation!

8. You could also SPEND THE DAY in Manhantan, it's only 2h away! I usually concentrate in one region in order to get to know that area better - this way I avoid getting tired from walking everywhere (and dont get home looking like a zombie).

Hold on to your hopes & make it happen, ladies!