Sunday, May 11, 2014

Expat adjustment stages?

Since we have put our hearts out lately, sharing our experiences for your understanding of your own emotions and thoughts too, I find appropriate to go over the expatriate adjustment stages in a little more detail here to improve your self-assessment process - I hope!
It is not really clear if everyone goes thro all stages, but most people do. I have found interesting U curves online, but the stages below are more comprehensive to me - don't mind my own interpretation.

Take it all in and be certain you are neither going nuts nor thro this alone :D

- honeymoon (2-6 weeks)
Enjoyable newbie exploring time
- culture shock (6-8 months)
You are settled but don't fit in yet. May experience homesickness, or become very judgemental about the new country habits
- gradual adjustment (1-2 years)
You feel more comfortable on your own skin and where you are at, but culture differences still hunt you sometimes.
- competence (2-4 years)
You cope with all differences between here and your home country, manage and live with them well.
- mastery (5-7 years)
Belonging. You feel part of it, and feels natural.

One of my past posts contains an infographic showing how adjustment phases cross satisfaction levels, if you are curious check it out (all sources are there as well). So far patience pays off, ladies... Hold on to your hats!

Peace out & Happy Mother's day