Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Life happens... And so does babies!!

Yes, my friends! That's what maternity means sometimes when living abroad: no help, busy days and nights, and lacking time to answer text messages, now imagine writing blog posts! 2 of us had babies and all of us had a hard time to put into words how busy life got!

As life happens and things changed, a whole new world opened up, and Philly got a new nuance... Which I plan to share with you here in the following posts. Although I promise not to convert this blog into a "mommies only space" ;)

It was my first pregnancy, so already a new world to me, but being in America had made this journey even more "new". Throughout pros and coms, overall I enjoyed it a lot. As if it was my first and only pregnancy - who knows, right? And it fulfilled me with pride to have a baby born in the first hospital of America... Super special to me and my husband, since our story starts in Philadelphia. This city has given me a lot, too much maybe!

Some of my friendships got closer while others, some distance - which I assume is very much normal in anybody's life, but crystal clear over expat's lives. Adding to that, new friends came to my life almost in a rescue mission, giving me new sights and the assurance so much needed when figuring out this new role of mine (mommy related).

Summing, there it is: I'm here, I'm back for you, and full of things to tell and shout out loud - and with a beautiful daughter by my side!

See ya soon!!