Sunday, November 15, 2015

3 years achievements

All people are different and behave differently in a critical situations. I changed my entire life for the man I love. I left everything I had in my life to move to a completely different environment. So what have happened in these 3 years? Have I got acclimated? Am I happy? Do I still miss something in my life? Or is it still like a waiting zone in the airport?

Adjustment to the new culture definitely takes time. As much as I embrace some American habits that I find convenient, I can never become one completely. I judge the different behaviors through my cultural background. I try to take the best of the two worlds. The helpful point is that my husband is also a foreigner here; so sometimes we can have some laughs on how all 3 cultures are different in some basic stuff.

I went through a transition: from an individual in my home country, to wife of that guy straight after my arrival, and now back to an individual myself with my own personality. I am blessed, I had the experience to just enjoy the marriage and simply be a wife for some time, while waiting for the documents to start my own path once again. And I am thankful that that period gave me an understanding that probably I am not the housewife type.

Oh man, it is hard to start a job search from zero in a new country. You feel a lot of frustration, as some basic things are different between countries. I believe you can succeed only if you have a strong support as I had. It is always important to have people believing in you and supporting with everything you start. Numerous failed interviews, entry level job positions, judgmental opinions on your background- all of that was a challenge. Not to mention that I had to learn a new business terminology in a different language.

Going back to school wasn’t my preferred option. The day I graduated in Russia was one of the happiest day in my life. At least, at that moment I thought so. But every time I speak with foreigners here, studying is (unfortunately) the most expensive and the shortest way to get back in the game. As well as opening new horizons, it puts you in a new environment: a foreign educational system possibly with the gift of new friends.

I am looking at these 3 years and the relevant achievements, and, honestly, I am proud of myself. It is not like I succeeded in everything, but still I learned a lot going through this maze of life. The greatest achievement every expat can be proud of is complete independence. We don't have anybody here, no family, no long-time friends. So the only people we can rely on is just the two of us. If you don't do it, nobody will. So I want to give a round of applause to all expats out there. We know how hard being an expat wife can be sometimes. And all of this just for the good old fashioned Love.