Monday, October 12, 2015

DECODING the Best of Philly Fashion #3

I thought it was going to be such an easy job to visit local stores and make my own reviews... Well, not always I have been successful.
I tried to visit this store 3 times, but at least for me they were never open. I haven't discovered yet their work hours, since it's not available at their door, but I can tell you I have been there either Saturdays and Sundays... And got nothing.

I debated with myself wether I should have say something or nothing at all, since in life I usually rather to keep quiet when I have nothing good to say... but I realized by ignoring this review I would do you no favor!

So be aware to call them in advance, perhaps book an appointment, otherwise you may just lose your trip. My Little Redemption was elected by Philadelphia Magazine as the best store to shop brands you never heard of. It is said that its owner does all the shopping in Israel, and being Tel Aviv known as the next hot destination for fashion, makes sense all the buzz about it.

So sad I couldn't see a thing! But here is some pictures of their display window, I hope you get lucky. I'm not coming back, however.

Sorry, ladies!