Saturday, May 23, 2015

Where will I do my hair again?

It's been a while since our latest review feature. And because finding a good hairdresser can be tricky,let's see some other hair salon we tested for you.

Hair salon - Tommy Gentekos 
Address: 2104 Walnut St., Philadelphia
Expat evaluation: ***
Price: $$Owned by a couple of international origins, the first plus of this place is its location. In fact, you can find it in the Rittenhouse square district so whether you work or live in the city, the position is comfortable. First of all,you'll need an appointment. This is why there is only one hairstylist, Tommy, the owner. His beautiful Irish wife works with him as an assistant and manager of the salon. When I came in I was immediately offered a cup of coffee and some water. As I said, Tommy is the only stylist so while I was taken care of, there was no other customer. It is completely different from the salons I've been before. In fact, I really didn't miss all the hussle and bustle of the modern fast pace hair salons where you pass from one pair of hands person to another. Here, the consultation part, color, wash up, style and blowout are all done by Tommy. This makes it all a little more personal. Another thing that makes this place different from the others are the pieces of art. In fact,the interior of the salon is full of sculptures made of recycled materials. These are the owner's pieces of art. As you enter, you'll immediately notice a big statue on the wall recycled from a tyre, colorful lights and other materials. 
But let's focus on the main aspect. The haircut! I had my full highlights and haircut done both very well. The result was exactly how I wanted. When I do my highlights I am usually afraid of the yellowish tone or of too evident stripes and color difference. I prefer more natural blond highlights. And that it was I got here. Even the haircut I asked for, layers,is not the easiest one. The risk is to leave the salon with too much evident layers. Again, Tommy's haircut satisfied all my expectations.
Tommy is very precise and he will not let you leave until every single hair is perfect. Of course all the procedure may take much more time than in other salons due to the meticulous care and no other staff to help. As for the price, considering the location, it is not definitely the cheapest hair salon I've been to but still very affordable.The minus is that no credit card payments are accepted. Be prepared to come either with cash or check. 
This salon was recommended to me by other Tommy's customers. And not a single one. So I guess the word of mouth is always the best marketing. 

Feel free to comment and leave us your feedback. Do you go to any hair salon you particularly like? Share it with us and other expats who may be desperately reading yelp reviews in search of good scissors.