Sunday, December 28, 2014

A brand new you

A new year is about to begin and in retrospect is usual to name accomplishments, compare life now versus the beginning of the year... and write some resolutions short-term/ long-term.
Don't worry, I'm not gonna bother you with my goals!!

Today I see myself surrounded by many people I didn't know anything about when arrived back in March, isn't that a truly blessing (to let people in and share a bit of our/their lives)? But it could be a different scenario, and assuming it is not a nice picture for some of us, I wonder if I'm under an exception. After all, do we have to be friends with our partners friends?

There is no right and wrong answer here. I can only say my journey is surprising... leading me to paths I didn't plan, roadblocks I didn't imagine, but taking me to beautiful places still. I found myself closer to people I first thought I wouldn't be able to break their shell, and met barriers in others who made me great impression at first glance.

People may greet you with open arms without intention to take you in, or perhaps be hard on you just to try you out... And that has hardly anything to do with you, actually. It may be related to their own issues, or lack of openness and affinity. Truth is, boundaries don't make anyone evil, it just doesn't make them close.

In the other hand, some people take others so easily... Have you heard of the saying we don't make friends, we recognize them? I think about that every time someone enters my life by accident and stay.

So here is a lesson learned I wish I could wrapped up and give you as a gift for 2015: accept what it is and let go of what you wish it was. Rebalance the expectations you create of people. Honestly, what they do/ how they behave is out of your control regardless of how affects you. AND WE ARE the bosses of our own frustration, suffering, adjustment... As well the leaders of the contentment, gratitude, kindness... and happiness we bring into our lives.

This time of the year always reminds me that what a better world truly needs is better people. We can't change somebody else, but why not to start from within and do our part best even if takes "two to tango"? So every NYE I take the opportunity to check in again and try to strive... each single time better. Wanna change the pattern of what has been delivered to you? Change something, and press "refresh"!

Happy New Year! Make it a bright one you too!