Sunday, July 20, 2014

All you need to know when you stay in Philly in summer

Is your vacation still a far future or even so unreal as a mirage when crossing a desert? Or maybe even worse and, let's say, you are one of those who preferred going on vacation in the winter months of the year and now you are cursing what awesome idea you'd had.
 I know that it may be hard to realize  you are going to spend the hottest months in a year in Philly but don't let yourself down.
The city of brotherly love has a lot to offer even to a most demanding and holiday longing expat wife. I am sure it has. And that is why I am going to share my summer to-do-list with you. Here it is, ladies. Get inspired or inspire us in turn with your ideas on what a girl can do in Philly when everyone else is by the sea:

1. have an ice-cream at Capogiro. There are a few of them in the center city. Enjoy the taste of Sicilian pistacchio while having a walk and doing some window shopping. 
2. get invited to a friend's pool party. It may be easier than you think. Pools are very popular in the US and it is not only social status symbol.
3. discover the roof top entertainment.  It seems as if it were a parallel world  a few floors above the sidewalk where everyone is partying and having fun. Sipping a margarita and enjoying the Philadelphia skyline is a summer must.
4. enjoy free-donation yoga classes at the Race street pier. If you are not a morning bird and 7am classes during the week are just impossible for you, give your weekend a positive start instead. On Saturdays and Sundays yogis get together at 9:30am.
5. go biking through the Fairmount park before the sun gets hot and unbearable and enjoy the picnic on the grass right after.
6. chill out on the hammocks by the Delaware river. Check out 
7. give yourself a summer look. A new hairstyle or a new make-up inspired by the after-sun effect may make you feel like vacation is at the door.
8. get advantage of the summer sales and discounts. In July, walking through the center city may be harmful to your bank account while beneficial to your wardrobe (and your woman's spirit, too).
9. enjoy summer outdoor movies. There are featured events organized by the Delaware river water front with movie screening at the dusk.
10. take summer classes. You may have more time now than during the year to sign in for a language class or other interesting class you have always wanted to.
11. discover CCD (center city district) sips. Real happy hour time in many popular city venues is to be scheduled for Wednesdays. You can't miss cocktails for $5 only!

I'll be happy if you share your summer to-do-list with me. There are still so many things to do in Philly that I, in the first place, have no clue about! 

Bye, ladies!